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Custom Music for Film

Music for Picture

Custom music score for Short Film, Feature Film, or Documentary.  Through music, I strive to help you bring emotion and drama to your project.

*Note: Unfortunately Jeffrey Z Music is not accepting any client work at this time. Thank you for your interest!*

What are the benefits of using a film music composer for your project?

Get exclusive music, just for your film, and none other!

The opportunity to enjoy a unity of musical themes throughout the film (as opposed to having a variety of musical pieces used that have little artistic connection to each other).

The 'bespoke advantage'. Add input into each musical cue, to customize the music towards your needs.

Get music that touches the heart of the story of your project, and the subtleties of each scene.

Since I hold a CAVCO Personnel Number, Canadian based productions may be eligible for tax credits! Read here.

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The documentary 'Kiesha's Story: A Path to Wellness' has been released on AMI-tv on July 9, 2021. Directed by Mariah Braun.…

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‘A Coral Call from the Maldives’ Trailer

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‘Sporre’ Trailer Out!

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