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Custom Music for Film

‘Kiesha’s Story: A Path to Wellness’ Released!

The documentary ‘Kiesha’s Story: A Path to Wellness’ has been released on AMI-tv on July 9, 2021.

Directed by Mariah Braun. Produced by Mariah Braun and Rew Jones.

This empowering documentary follows Grande Prairie AB local, Kiesha, an incomplete quadriplegic, as she works to retrain her muscles, get stronger, cope with the mental and physical difficulties of the 2020-2021 COVID-19 lock-downs, and move forward.

I have been very blessed to have composed the music score for this great documentary, and I hope it blesses you as well!

Trailer here:

Check your local listings for viewing the film on AMI-tv.

Also available to watch on YouTube: Kiesha’s Story: A Path to Wellness





‘A Coral Call from the Maldives’ Trailer


‘A Coral Call from the Maldives’ Trailer now available!

I have had the pleasure of composing the soundtrack to this beautiful Canadian-made documentary about the islands of the Maldives, and the environment. It was shot in the local towns, waters, and beaches, of the Maldives.

Post-production is finished, and it is planned to be submitted to film festivals! Check out the trailer here!

Check out ‘A Conscious Tourist (ACT) Productions’ for more information about the film.



Composing for ‘Gertrude and her Plant, Steve’

Recently, I had the privilege of composing most of the music for the Canadian short film ‘Gertrude and her Plant, Steve’.

It is a very funny and deep film about relationship trouble, and struggling to move on with life.

This short film was directed by Matt Prazak, and produced by Rino Mioc. It was funded by TELUS STORYHIVE, and is viewable on YouTube.

This project was recently nominated for the 2018 STINGER AWARD for Best Short Form Narrative!

Composing for ‘The Last Mile’

The Last Mile, released and available to watch!

Recently, I had the privilege of composing a handful of scenes for the Canadian documentary The Last Mile, by Render Digital Media Ltd. It is now available for viewing on TELUS Optik TV on Demand, as well as on YouTube, posted by STORYHIVE.

I scored a handful of scenes throughout the documentary, such as the the opening music of the documentary at 0:23-0:45, the bicycle crash narrative, some inspirational stories of motivation, as well as other scenes.

It is an exciting and motivational documentary about ITU long distance triathlon competitors, showing their hard work leading up to, and during, a triathlon race, in Penticton BC, Canada.

It was a pleasure being a part of this project and supporting Canadian film production. It’s definitely worth the watch!

What Music is on the Site?

There are various genres of film music and documentary-style pieces on the site. If you are interested in licensing any of these pieces for your own media project, please contact Jeffrey Z Music through the contact form, to inquire of the music pieces availability.

To get custom music, or a music score, for your own project, please use the contact form as well.

I look forward to hearing from you!